I produced my first fashion show in 2000. Ever since I have been creating, producing and directing fashion shows & inspiring projects for many different brands and designers.

As a professional fashion show producer, director and project manager I love fashion shows, the build-up to the climax, the drama, the search for the best way to show each unique collection, the collaboration with designers and other professionals…

But I love so much more: I love the earth, all people living on it and I love the world to be a fair and pure place. Unfortunately the fashion industry is not a fair and pure place yet. Fortunately the fashion industry is all about collaboration. So let’s move forward together, let’s make a statement and be the change that we want to see in this world.



Positivity I love to lighten our footprints on the planet. Let’s jump up and make a positive change
Collaborate I love my professional network: innovative, moving forward, inspiring people. Let’s connect, together we are better!
Inspire I love to see the world through curious eyes, do creative research and share ideas and knowledge in order to create the best concept or design
Innovate I love to search for new and better ways to produce
Facilitate I love to help you fill the gaps and/or manage your project from concept to end product