Together we are better!

I am an independent creative project manager on a mission to have a positive impact on people and planet in my work. With more than 20 years experience in (inter)national fashion, denim and events, it is time to focus on the force for good.

I am passionate about supporting, creating and executing circular concepts, events and products available for stakeholders in the textile and apparel business who share my mission. And I have a strong belief in teamwork and collaboration

Together we are better: be positive and innovative, collaborate, inspire one another and drive a positive impact together.


Positivity Let’s always do our upmost to brighten the world with our smiles, jump up, get to work and make a positive change.
Collaboration Let’s combine our talents, which makes us powerful. I love to work with people, connect people and empower a group of people to achieve a common goal. Let’s connect, together we are better.
Impact Let’s all see the value of our clothes, think about re-duce / re-use / re-pair / re-design / re-purpose and learn how to be circular in our personal and professional lives.
Integrity Let’s treat the world and one another with respect, be real, open and honest in our actions
Creativity Let’s be innovative, resourceful and imaginative in order to create inspiring solutions and generate new concepts.